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Peter Fields Son Of Spider-Man by Strickplayer
Peter Fields Son Of Spider-Man
Say hello to Jacques's and Alex's son Peter Fields. He inherited Jacques's powers but if he's been injured or enraged he goes into a violent frenzy, his father has the same probably but, Peter's conditions far worse since he can't snap out of it unless someone knocks him. He also has hyperthymesia. Hyperthymesia is the condition of possessing an extremely detailed autobiographical memory. Hyperthymesiacs remember an abnormally vast number of their life experiences.

"I'm the son of Spider-Man, and you just pissed me off"

Spider-Man belongs to.  :iconmarvel-universe:
Zane And Drake Stewart by Strickplayer
Zane And Drake Stewart
These are the children of my character PFP and :icondark-soulest: character Catelyn Drake is the one brown haired one and Zane is the blonde one. If you wanna know more about them look at :icondark-soulest: page to find out


Jacques Fields aka Spider-Man

Jacques's father Richard Fields, is American business man, an entrepreneur if you will. His dream was to make his own business of taking picture of the environment and people and well, he didn't do so great, he didn't have that many buyers. Soon he was about to give up, until a certain woman; Jacques's mother, Henrietta Adams, came up to his stand and was amazed by the photo's he took. She explained that she likes to paint images the same way Richard likes to take photos. So they decided to work together and make a form of artwork style called Fact and Fiction. Richard took the photos and Henrietta made fantasy/magical like paintings based of the photo's he took. They would be framed right next to each other so people could see how an amazing photograph can be altered into a supernatural fantasy. Their fame even caused them to do a lot of traveling and site seeing After sometime together, they started dating and eventually got married, had baby boy and named him  Jacques Fields. Jacques is an highly intelligent young man. He was born in France because that where his parents lived at the time being. He loved seeing the work his parents did, he even tried to follow in their foot steps. But he just didn't have their artist skills. He even tried going to art school, before he could even enroll, he found himself intrigued by a discussion about sciences and robots that was being hosted by Reed Richards Leader of the Fantastic Four and Tony Stark technological genius of the Avengers. Jacques sat their listened to their whole discussion. Once it was over he wanted to know where they learned all they new about technology and science. He expressed that he wanted to be as smart as them.  They told him all the schools and classes they went to get him started. After that words, Jacques went back to his parents and told them what he wanted to do. They were shocked, but happy for him that he found something that made him happy. The first school Jacques when to was in America. Which worked great for his parents, because this is where they where they gonna do their next photo shooting. Jacques felt sad leaving France, but he knew going to America was going to be first steps in his new life. When they arrived Jacques was nervous and excited about this new place he's never been. Soon he eventually got to see what his school was like, though it was amazing in appears, both inside and out. The students were pretty hostile. He sees that some are very rude and some have bullied smarter kids just for fun. But that didn't stop him from try to reach his dream. Jacques saw that one kid was about to get beaten up because he pulled a prank on of the football team members. Before he could do anything, Jacques used a voice modulator to change his voice and sound like the principle to scare the football team member away. After that Jacques helped the boy up and they became great friends.

Serena and Nina aka Black Widow and Kitty

Serena lived a good life with a well paying job, when she got pregnant with Nina everything changed. She had to work a little more to pay for both for them to survive making her exhausted every time she came home, be she always had time for her little girl, but when Nina turned 12 both of them were surprised to find out that Nina was a mutant. She was picked on a lot in school for this and she even stuck a kid inside a TV screen for picking on her. This got Nina Expelled from school and ended up on the morning news, making Serena furious with her, but deep down she knew that it was hard being in middle and having these abilities so she hugged and forgave her daughter for her mistake. Since that little incident no school would take Nina in leaving Serena to home school her, but luckily Shira *Serena childhood friend* was able to home school Nina really well so Serena could spend more time at work and make more money. When she returns to work, her boss gives her a fires her, he lies telling her because she hasn't been pulling her own weight in her job, but the real reason is because she gave birth to a mutant and he doesn't want anything to do with mutants even with their parents. Now Serena is working odd jobs to making enough money to feed and cloth her and her child. Her life as Black Widow starts when she works at snack bar at the movie theater where I was bitten by the spider that gave me my powers once it crawled away from, it made it's way toward Serena purse. When her job ours were over she walked to her car took her keys out of her purse and gets bit by the spider she drops her keeps, picks them up and drives away, but here the thing, she backed up her car to to leave, she ran over the spider killing it. She didn't start feeling sick until she got home unlocked the door, opened it and passed out right at the front door. Nina and Shira tried to call 911 but because of the of their history, no hospital would help them. Thankfully s.h.i.e.l.d. was listening to the city calls and a group of s.h.i.e.l.d. paramedics come to help her. Once she woke up she immediately wanted to know where Nina was. She meets Fury they talk and he explains that their situation. to takes her to where Nina is where their helping her control her powers and this where Serena is given the choice to let her and her child suffer or be given a second chance at s.h.i.e.l.d.

Max and Chase aka Cloak and Dagger

Max and Chase are  fraternal twins. Chase was born 5 minutes before Max. Their mother died giving birth to them, so they never knew who she was, they don't even have a photo, but Max loved to make little cute drawings of her when she was younger. Because of this they were raised in an orphanage. at the age of 8 they learned they could control very unique forms of matter. Chase could control shadows and Max could control light. they used their powers for little things like flashlights and awesome shadow puppets. They where soon caught and found out by a random kid at the orphanage this lead to them being kicked out at the age of 12. on the streets they used their powers to pit pocket and steal anything they could get their hands on Max conscious always fought against her, telling her what their doing is wrong, but she new their was no other choice for them at this moment. time passes and Chase decided to go even further with this stealing addiction and form a gang called Night and Day where members would be given white or black hoodies. This is where Max put her foot down, sh didn't want any part in this. They began to argue and during a heist. But a explosion goes off caused by a group men in strange suits. it scaring off their members leaving Chase tries to fight them off, but is easily taken down in a matter of seconds Max tries to help by blinding the men but is taken down just as easily. The man drag them away take them to a strange laboratory far in the snowy mountains where they have been experimented for a year to see how far their powers can go, but something goes wrong and Max and Chase get waken up by the explosions. Once the wake up they can barely control their powers, they can even keep solid form, Chase turns into black mist and teleports everywhere and Max flies around ricochet like a bullet everywhere and shots little beams of lasers. one accidentally hits the laboratory power core and a melt down starts, causing all the people to evacuate. Chase runs toward Max, grabs her and accidentally teleports/ They appear far away from the building. They walk through the snow cold and tired and pass out from exhaustion. A s.h.i.e.l.d. scout drone appears and spots them on later on they appear on the helicarrier and meet Fury. He tells them that he's been watching them for a while and that he sorry that he could get to them in time to stop the abduction and save them. but he also reminds them of there screw up on the streets and that gang Chase was building so, he offers them a chance to redeem themselves. Max quickly agrees but Chase wasn't easily charmed, Max told him if you know, we may not know our mother, but if we did, she be really disappointed in us and expectantly you Chase. This got to him, hurt him emotionally and he breaks down in tears for the first time in years they hug and both agree to join s.h.i.e.l.d.

Brian Ellis aka Ghost Rider

Brian was a son of a wealthy family. He, Peter(Jacques son)  Zane And Drake Stewart are the most popular boys in school and get all the girls. He also has a 10 year old sister named Lily. One day when Brain and his sister were going to the park Lily saw his three bullies beating up a kid . Lily ran to help the kid and Brain chase after her, but lost sight of her in the woods. after searching the woods he finally found her. But when he did, she was dead. The three bullies the where beating up the kid caught her and beat her to death. Soon after Lily's funeral, a mysterious man walks toward Brian tells him how sorry he is for his lose. Brian tells the man that he's thankful for his words, but he really wants is to find to boys that killed his sister and make them pay and he would pay any price to do it. After the funeral, Brian started having weird horrific nightmares. Each nightmare shows his sister being killed and beaten in awful ways. With Brain not being able to anything to stop it. Finally after having one last nightmare. Brian is visited by a strange figure in his dream and it tells him if he makes a deal, he can get revenge for his sister. Brian is skeptical at first, but he agrees and makes the deal. After making the deal he wakes up thinking it was a dream, only to find out later that same morning that three young men have all mysteriously died, Along with their families on of which who also had a little sister Like Brian. After feeling guilty and horrible for days, Brian soon Ran-away from and faked his death in a car crash. After hiding and drifting from place to place for months, He soon got himself a small job and apartment to get his life back together.  But, afterward he's visited by the same man that paid his respect to Brian's sister. He walks toward Brian and tells him it's time for Brian to pay him back. Before Brian can even turn to runaway, the man appears right in front of him and places his hand on Brian chest. Brian's chest starts to glow bright red along with his eyes and he falls to the ground. The man disappears and his voice echos in Brian's head as he curls up in agony. "Go, and fulfill my duties. Ghost Rider" Brian lets out a painful scream as skin slowly starts to burn off until nothing left but his clothes and skeleton. Another voice comes of his mouth. "Idiot, can believe you actually made the deal" he walks off. "You better get comfortable kid, cause we got along wild road ahead of us"
The Spider-Man Bios
This the Bio of The Spider-Man story I've been making. I have high hopes for this and it's will be updated continuously. As the story progresses.

Brian, Serena, Nina, Max and Chase belong to. :icondark-soulest:

Jacques, Richard, Henriette, and Peter belong to  :iconstrickplayer:

Spider-Man, Cloak and Dagger, Black Widow, Kitty, Reed Richard, Tony Stark and Ghost Rider belong to :iconmarvel-universe:
Tanzanite was a troubled gem. As you already know most gems choose to have a female form rather than a male form. But Tanzanite is one of the few gems on homeworld who choose to have a male form rather then a female form. He doesn't have a weapon. He can control an element, much like how lapis lazuli can control water. He can control Fire. With his fire like abilities he can control, manipulate, produce, take flight with his fire and do many more outstanding abilities. But even with all these abilities, he was always bored. He'd lie on his back and shoot into the sky just to get rid of his boredom. No body could understand why Tanzanite was so bored. as A Tanzanite his job was to give homeworld as much energy it needed to survive so that gem species wouldn't die out. Every other Tanzanite would be exhausted after doing this, but he wasn't, which made other gems think whether or not he was pulling his weight. Only to be surprised and shocked that he was pumping in much more firepower then the other Tanzanites. After doing this for years he starting to wish something exciting would happen in his life. That Someone or something would please free him of his endless boredom. His wish was granted as found a working gem making blue prints for future construction and machines. After talking and spending a lot time with her, she started to notice that Tanzanite always had a reoccurring bored look on his face. Tanzanite figured he tell her about his boredom problem. After hearing him out, she told him that she would build something to help with his boredom. Her solution, A 7ft tall robot that Tanzanite could fight whenever and wherever he wanted. Tanzanite was skeptical at first, but after seeing it in action he was complete happy and grateful. Time passes and Soon the Gem war was soon starting up Tanzanite was on of the solider in Yellow diamond division, but wild solider and when he fought it was almost as if shooting star flying across the sky and laying waste to the very ground it landed on. With on Swing of his arm, he destroyed a whole fleet of Roses followers including Yellow Diamonds, this infuriated her making her explain that we don't destroy our own people. This annoyed Tanzanite, to point where he flew up to his leaders face and exclaimed and claimed he was the strongest gem of them all and that no one could stop him and that Yellow Diamond was soft for letting Rose go and not finishing her off when she had the chance. After that He was going to finish Rose off himself, but before he could, Yellow Diamond quickly Capture him before he could get anywhere near an exit and sealed him in his gem and launched him deep into space so no one could find him. The other gems simple told The working Gem that Tanzanite was lost in battle. This devastated the working gem and she soon fell in battle and became corrupted. The Reason Yellow Diamond Through Tanzanite into space wasn't just because of a punishment. He was very strong Gem and could've easily wipe out both sides of the war. Destroying his gem would've been to risky, if she or any of her other followers would've made a fusion out of his shards they probably would've been to hard to control and He probably would've over taken the other gems as well. So Yellow Diamond decided it would be best to simply cast him to the far reaches of space never to been seen or heard from again. Soon afterwards, after spending a millennium in space, he eventually crash landed on earth in the 1700 century. hiding among the humans. With no ship or gem technology to take him home, not that he wanted go back because he was homesick or anything. Tanzanite true purpose to return to homeworld is to get revenge on Yellow Diamond for trapping him for a thousands years in space.
His gem is on top of his left hand
his hair would look something like this…
And he have a button up coat like this…
But without his coat he has dark blue bodysuit underneath. Similar to this, but with more detail…

Hayai Pesuto (Fast)

Hayai personality is quit interesting: Hardworking, intelligent making him the top in practically all of his classes. He is also a pleasure to be around. He is very handsome and physically strong which makes the girls fall head over heals for him, but he shows little interesting in dating anyone. In fact he makes it quit clear that he doesn't want any romantic relationship with any girls until he is finished with high school but that doesn't stop them from falling for him. The boys in his school try to really hard to hate him for making the girls fall for him, but his nice and innocent personality makes them instantly feel guilty and ask for his forgiveness. Hayai is not easily fooled, he knows when someone is lying and can easily find out the truth with little to no effort. Hayai's parents died when he was very young so he's aunt takes care of him. she loves him very much and does her best to provided for them to live.

Miryoku Tekina(Appealing, Attractive)

Miryoku has a relatively simple personality: fierce, stubborn and competitive. She fears little, and doesn't have any friends. she has reputation of being a delinquent and always getting into fights. But even though, the guys at her school still think shes the most attractive girl on campus and aren't afraid to show it. behind her aggressive behavior Miryoku is a trusting and depending friend. She can be quit gently when she wants to be and hides her feelings with rage when ever shes being teased. She secretly loves sweet things like candy and ice cream. Her parents are quit the opposite of her. Their quit happy, loving and want their daughter to hurry up and get a boyfriends so she can be more ladylike.

Kōsoku(High Speed)

Is the name that Hayai gave the spore that saved his life. Kōsoku is a playful care free spore, he has never harmed or possessed a human. Instead of possessing Hayai, he simply gives him his power by flying in his body, making him a living laser. When Hayai and Kōsoku join they can control and manipulate energy and energy like objects.
Character Bios for Spores
These are the Character Bios of my Alien series called Spores.


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